Thursday 6 September 2012

Portable Ops Mini Key by Larry, NØSA

A few months ago I ordered this beautifully crafted mini paddle from Larry NØSA. Larry is a master craftsman and machinist and his attention to detail is second to none. Despite its size this is one smooth paddle and it comes with its own set of adjustment hex keys. It’s a magnetic paddle made of 7075 aluminium; Aluminium alloy 7075 is an aluminium alloy, with zinc as the primary alloying element and is used in aviation applications. Larry does all of the polishing and finishing by hand. This was one of the last paddles from a short run he did of this model.

1-© N0SA mini Key-3212

1-© N0SA mini Key-3213

The paddle included a wedge base that has a double sided adhesive so application to any base material such as a metal plate is really easy to do without tapping screw holes. I purchased an extra wedge base that is used as a spare.

Have a look at Larry’s website for more info on other paddles he produces. NØSA’s Paddles website is here.

Also have a look at the Eham reviews of Larry’s paddles. There are almost 50 reviews giving a 5/5 rating – superb ratings.

1-© N0SA mini Key-3214

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