Wednesday 12 November 2008

Awh Master Commander: Software Control For The YAESU FT 2000 or FT 950

N.B.: September 28, 2015 – From Rick IW1AWH -Due to several reason (personal problems and lack of interest about this utility from the ham community), I'm planning to phase out Master Commander soon. I'll release as an unsupported alpha release the latest build of mc 008 and then the development will be closed.
Many thanks to everyone. Rick.

N.B.: April 26, 2013. This is NOT my software readers! I did not write this and only reviewed it here and as far as I know it is no longer supported or being developed. See the above note for Rick’s information. If you have questions please don’t leave a comment here as I can not possibly respond as I’m not the author or developer.
AWH Master Commander is control software for the Yaesu FT-2000 and the FT-950. What makes this suite of software different from Ham Radio Deluxe and other software for rig control is that each module shows a graphical representation of specific controls of each radio.

Here's an example of the connect screen for the FT-950.

This next control screen is the most impressive - a panoramic display in real time.

This next control component is the transmit equalizer and processor control screen.

Here's the 10 meter FM control module - with tone access control

And finally the SWR control and testing module - be careful of this one as it will sweep the entire band to map the SWR of your antenna. It will also check a band segment or single frequency.

This cutting edge software developed by Rick (Riccardo) Bertoli IW1AWH is in its current beta stage but I can tell you once you try it you'll be hooked. Awh Commander is turning out to be a very comprehensive piece of software to extend the controls of the FT-950 or the FT-2000 to your home computer or laptop. All that's needed is a serial cable connected from your laptop or shack computer to the FT-950 or the FT-2000.

I highly recommend the software and I'm looking forward to what Rick will be doing to further enhance Awh Commander. Rick gives SDR a whole new meaning with this fantastic piece of software.

You can download the beta version from Rick's blog here or go to the site of W4LGH in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

it dont' work. downloaded and it will not connect under any setup

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick. Awh Master Commander is very good. It's working very well with my FT-2000.
73 Pekka, OH1LA

Bob VE3MPG said...

The latest build version 0.0.5 build 9 of February 15, 2009, is not yet compatible with the FT-950. Rick is working on it so please keep checking his website.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded the program,
but I was unable to get it to work.

Is it a normal RS232 cable that should be used?

I am running XP.

Hlep please

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick thanks for the great program, it works fine with my FT2000D and XP, its the best program for the 2000 I have seen.
cheers Doug VK6DG

Unknown said...

beautiful software, very useful and very powerful. runs right out of the box...tnx very much

KW2HV said...

I am running Windows 7 and do not have a serial port (COM 3 @38400). I am using the USB adapter. Cannot get it to work at all. Takes a few minutes to read the info from the radio. Shows error message. Thanks

Unknown said...

Please give me a link to Ft-awh BETA v. 5.4.0

When I go to the links you provided, and download, all i get is a v 0.0.7 which says it's not compatible with the FT-950.
Pat - W9ZO

Bob VE3MPG said...


The link provided takes you to the author's website. I don't know where the version you are looking for is located. As far as I know and what Rick lists on his site V 0.0.7 build 6 dated April 25, 2010 is the most current version. It is not working with the FT-950 as Rick, the author states.


Anonymous said...

Just learning the software and my FT-2000. Make sure you know how to manually select COM ports and BAUD rate in your OS and it connects and starts propperly.

David VE3VID

gggggg said...

Works perfectly with my FT2000
Lots of usefull controls, some just to play with,,,, hi
GI4SZW Seamus

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob VE3MPG, Saw you at the HAMFest today in Pickering. Bought an FT-950. Just wanted to send my encouragement to get this software working with this model. Keep up the good work! - Frank

Bob VE3MPG said...

Hi Frank, it wasn't me at the hamfest in Pickering. I did not attend. The software is not written or developed my me. Read the new info at the top of the review.

daniel LU9FHF said...

Hello I have a problem with the soft, softly Internet creates the shortcut, I clickto run it, first display screen appears and disappears, maybe you can help mebecause I have a FT2000 and would like to use that soft. I clarify that I haveinstalled HRD. Thanks for your attention. Daniel LU9FHF mail