Tuesday 26 January 2010

The Blog Is Back!

I apologize to my readers for my long hiatus away from my blog. Other priorities and interests took me away from my beloved ham radio blog. My passion for ham radio has not diminished. I do have some new material that I hope you will enjoy. I’ve had to moderate the comments to eliminate spam – there seems to be much more than usual these days and I’ve had to erase several spam comments these last few months. I want to note that all comments pertaining to this blog will be published; that includes positive and negative feedback. I figure if you have taken the time to write a comment that you deserve to be published.

G4ILO sums it up nicely here:

It probably goes without saying that someone who has a blog has opinions they have a burning desire to tell the world about. And if you have opinions, you have to be prepared for people to disagree with you. As a blog owner, you have the right to allow or delete comments. However I have always believed that you should allow the dissenting voices to have their say as well as those that support you. The only comments I have ever deleted from this blog have been ones that appeared to be spam and did not relate to the subject of the posting. I think deleting comments from people who have taken the trouble to reply after reading your blog is pretty insulting.

If you’re a ham and connected to the internet or have been on the air in the last week you’ve all been reading about the Haiti quake and the resulting effort by the various agencies, military, search and rescue from various countries and the hams who have volunteered their time, efforts and equipment. This is still a huge undertaking requiring manpower and money. From what I’ve been reading it will require a ten year effort to rebuild Haiti and to heal the populace of this poorest Caribbean nation. Only good can come of it as the island is rebuilt with a better infrastructure of quake resistant buildings and communications network.

The next blog article will be about Haiti and some of the behind the scenes efforts of a large software organization we all know, and

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