Wednesday 10 September 2008


The anniversary of that fated day, 9/11, is tomorrow. Those of you reading this blog will probably reminisce of where you were when they heard of the monstrous attacks on the Pentagon and New York's World Trade Center, and over Pennsylvania in 2001. I was in my office when a colleague called. Turn on the TV he said. He told me what was going on but I could not comprehend any of what he was saying until I turned on the teli and saw something unimaginable happening in New York city and then at the Pentagon. The chaos caused with the no fly orders in the U.S. was felt here in Canada as those planes without airports were landing at Canadian destinations. Overseas flights were filling Gander's airport and available accommodations were scarce. The people of Gander opened their hearts and their doors to stranded fliers. I know we'd help our friends south of the border again, without reservation. Some of you may have known friends or family directly involved in the mayhem in New York or the Pentagon. A retired friend living across the street from my former home in the Glebe had a daughter working at the Pentagon when it was hit by American Airlines flight 77. The enormity of the attacks still linger today. Our world was permanently changed by the events of 9/11. Hams took up the slack when comms were needed at the WTC rescue effort and even welfare traffic into NYC and elsewhere when it was needed during that crisis. These tireless hams need to be remembered too.

The Pentagon Amateur Radio Club is hosting a special event station commemorating 9/11.

Pentagon Amateur Radio Club to Host Special Event Station Commemorating 9/11 (Sep 2, 2008) -- On Thursday, September 11, the Pentagon Amateur Radio Club (PARC) will operate a Special Event station commemorating the 7th anniversary of the attacks that occurred on the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and over Pennsylvania in 2001. This special event will be held in conjunction with President Bush's visit to the Pentagon to dedicate the new Pentagon Memorial, honoring the 184 people, both at the Pentagon and on American Airlines flight 77, who lost their lives in the attacks. Operators will be on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters - both phone and CW - with plans to operate on a 12 hour basis (1200-2400 UTC). There will be a special QSL card available for stations that work K4AF. For more information, please contact Gary Sessums, KC5QCN. QSL via PARC, PO Box 2322, Arlington, VA 22202.

First Anniversary 9/11 Special Events Station Story - The K4P story 9-11-2002 Special Event Station at The Pentagon.

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