Sunday 21 September 2008

Algonquin Park, Fall 2008

This is not a ham radio related post. Not this time. I've just returned from 5 days in Algonquin Park, without HF gear. I did nothing ham radio related. I needed a hiatus from my radios. I did take my 2 meter handheld for the drive up from Ottawa but repeaters are quiet up that way. It was a weekday so it was even more quiet.

I stayed in the Lake of Two Rivers campground near Killarney Lodge. This is the park's oldest campground. It is kept immaculate for campers. I tow an Antigua hybrid with all the amenities of home. The schedule was getting up late, turning up the furnace to warm the trailer and a good breakfast of porridge and juice with tea. The lunch schedule was usually way after 12 noon and supper was later, after sitting around a good roaring campfire with wine, cheese and crackers. After the dinner dishes were stowed away it was movie time and then bed.

You know I didn't really miss my station much and the dining table in the camper was clear of the clutter of wires, rigs and tuners. It was a good holiday but way too short and Algonquin really is a beautiful place to camp.

I was camping with some university friends - we go way back, to 1972. We've held on to our friendship for a lot of years. We try to meet at least once a year at campgrounds or at my place near Metcalfe.

I think that next year ham radio will definitely be part of my camping. Algonquin was just too beautiful this year to spend any time on the radio.

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