Sunday 15 August 2010

We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us

The first step is admitting you have a problem and then asking for help. Nothing wrong with this approach. The Radio Amateurs of Canada, Canada’s national amateur radio organization is in dire need of help. The organization wants change and it identifies itself as having ‘dinosaur disease’ as one fundamental problem amongst many.VE3HG Peter

Peter VE3HG, VP of Public Relations at RAC, has a plea on the RAC blog for members and non-members alike to look at 7 documents for ideas on transforming Radio Amateurs of Canada. Download them to read and please send your comments to Peter in the comments section of the RAC blog or write Peter directly at his RAC email address - ve3hg @ . (remove the spaces)

Is RAC worth saving? Let’s hear from you, hams and non-hams alike. Tell it like it is.

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Peter VE3HG said...

Bob: You are a great friend of Amateur Radio in Canada. Thanks for helping to pass the message that RAC is in serious trouble and needs the help of every Canadian amateur radio operator. 73 - Peter

Bob VE3MPG said...

Hope you are getting some good constructive comments. Expect some disparaging views too - but you already know this.

VE9KK said...

Morning Bob,
Was just at the RAC blog page and saw the mention of the 7 documents. I was a member of RAC but let my membership lapse. Coming upon your blog and re-reading the concern for the RAC I am going to give the documents a read this evening over a cup of Earl Gray. Then shoot off an email. Will let you know how the reading goes.

Bob VE3MPG said...

VE3WDM, thanks Michael for reading those documents and your concern for RAC. Please let us know your thoughts after your read the documents posted at the RAC blog. And thanks for reading my blog!