Saturday 22 May 2010

Just When I Thought It Was Safe

You know, I’m a cautious kind of guy. I know that every activity is fraught with peril but little did I know that QRPers were nut jobs. Yes that’s the new diagnosis for being passionate about low power operating or better known as a QRP operators. Now the professions who treat psychiatric disorders have a new (un)treatable disorder on the books. Read this post by KE9V on his blog titled “Low Powered Nut Jobs.” Now I must get this news out to the Ottawa Valley QRP Society.


Anonymous said...

I had seen the post on the other Blog. Quite apropos to just about any special interest and gathering.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc / ve3ghm

Bob VE3MPG said...

So true, and for this new affliction there's no known cure.

Dick said...

I thought his blog headline was most unfortunate, insulting, and inappropriate.

If anything, QRPers are the least offensive of all and in my opinion the most courteous.

I am referring to on the air activity...what the hobby is supposed to be about.


Bob VE3MPG said...

Hey Dick, we ARE courteous and considerate - up here in the Great White North anyway. Thanks for reading my blog.

Dick said...

Bob, I'll be picking up my YL at Trudeau airport in a few weeks. She had the good sense not to fly BA from France...not like me. Long drive from central NYS. A bientot.

Bob VE3MPG said...

I've flown some pretty scary airlines in my time. In 1990 CSA was using Tupolev 154s (yes, that one) - built like tanks or submarines - can't remember which. But the pilots there were military trained so we always made it to our destination. I lived next to a training flight center where MiGs did sortées every morning. Now those were noisy.