Monday, 31 May 2010

FT-817 And A New Rockwell Collins 500Hz CW Filter

A new filter arrived today for my FT-817. It was an extremely simple install procedure. It involved removing the screws from the top of the 817, installing the filter by pushing it into place, replacing the cover and going through a few menu settings to activate the filter. From preliminary tests I’d say the filter works very well under crowded band conditions using CW and digital modes.

Here are a few pictures of the installation of the 500Hz CW filter into my FT-817.

© VE3MPG_FT817_500Hz.2010-2128sm

© VE3MPG_FT817_500Hz.2010-2130sm

Menu #38 of the FT-817 should be set to “CW” instead of “OFF”. There's one more thing you have to do to get the CW filter working. Check out page 14 of your FT-817 Operating Manual - number 7 at the bottom right of the page you will see the “C-Key” setting for "NAR". You have to set this in order for the receiver to switch to the narrow CW filter when you switch the rig to CW or CWR modes. To do this, first put the rig into CW or CWR mode then tap the “F” key once quickly. The FUNC Keys menu items for the A/B/C pushbuttons should appear. Rotate the SEL control until you see “IPO ATT NAR” over the A/B/C buttons. Then press the “C” pushbutton once to set the filter to Narrow. A small right-pointing arrow should appear and the rig should switch to the CW filter - you should hear a marked difference in the receiver noise “tone”.

The FT-817 should be ready for the Ottawa Valley QRP Society’s Field Day on Bate Island at the end of June.

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