Saturday, 22 May 2010

Field Day Dry Run – Ottawa Valley QRP Society

Some members of the Ottawa Valley QRP Society joined ranks today at Hampton Park. The exercise was a dry run for the much anticipated Field Day on June 26 – 27th. Here are a few snap shots of the QRP nuts enthusiasts enjoying the day this holiday weekend.

© VE3MPG_ovqrpMay22.2010-2071

© VE3MPG_ovqrpMay22.2010-2072

© VE3MPG_ovqrpMay22.2010-2073

© VE3MPG_ovqrpMay22.2010-2069

© VE3MPG_ovqrpMay22.2010-2070


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see the local bunch active and out QRP'ing and as a practice for Field Day.

I had far to many chores to tend around the house and Saturday and I am sorry I missed the gathering at Hampton Park and some of the others members of the group.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc / ve3ghm

Bob Baillargeon said...

We all had a good time Graham. I neglected some chores around here but it was great seeing some new faces and a good dry run for Field Day. Hope to see you out on Field Day on Bate Island.

Dick said...

Nice to see an entire QRP group out there for FD. Too often it's one guy all alone and neglected; the QRP rig just not sexy enough for the visitors and cameras.

72 Dick N2UGB

Martin (VA3SIE) said...

That looked like great fun, Bob!

Shame I missed it as I was still in Iran.

I'll be there for the real thing though!! ...

Can't wait.