Sunday, 25 April 2010

QRPTTF A Success And Great Social Event


The QRPTTF event yesterday at Hampton Park in Ottawa, was a great success. The bands were in terrible shape and lots of electrical noise pollution on most of the bands. Turns out it was more of a social event interspersed with working a few stations. The weather was great – not too warm with a light breeze. Many locals and dog walkers stopped by to investigate what we were doing and most had heard about amateur radio. Here are a few pictures of the ops and stations and some of the visitors. Forgive me if I miss your name and call.

© VE3MPG_QRPTTF-1-2© VE3MPG_QRPTTF-1-3 © VE3MPG_QRPTTF-1-5 © VE3MPG_QRPTTF-1-6© VE3MPG_QRPTTF-1 © VE3MPG_QRPTTF-2© VE3MPG_QRPTTF-7 A great time operating QRP in the park. Michael provided hot coffee and mini muffins – the kind where you can’t eat just one. The Ottawa Valley QRP Society members are a great bunch and I hope there are more in-the-field type QRP events this year.

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Michael VE3WMB said...

Great write-up Bob! The nice WX really made the day.
Thanks for showing up.
Michael - VE3WMB