Monday, 22 February 2010

Movers and Shakers – Alan VA3STL & Jim VE3EJJ

There was an important story on Alan VA3STL’s blog that bears repeating here in the ham blogosphere. Alan and Ernie, VE3EJJ, have added to the ranks of the Amateur Radio fraternity nine (9) new radio amateurs. This event happened yesterday, on a Sunday; these two amateurs have spent hours of their time making sure that these 9 novices understood and had a passing grade to join the ranks of amateur radio operators in Canada. Hopefully we’ll all hear them on the air soon. 

On top of these accomplishments Alan will be re-viving the Amateur Radio club at Carleton University here in the National Capital, Ottawa. With Alan and Jim’s help the nine new amateurs, students at Carleton will get the club station VA3CUA back on the air.

I remember the club station at Carleton in the early and mid 80s when it was in operation. It had a wide area repeater atop the Dunton Tower at Carleton. I remember a well equipped HF and packet station in operation at that time.

A job well done and nine new amateurs added to the ranks. Alan and Jim represent the true spirit of Amateur Radio in the National Capital.

And 73 to those nine new amateurs!

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