Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Countries I've operated from

Licensed since 1980 I've had the opportunity to operate in Britain, the U.S., and Slovakia during the remnants of the Velvet Revolution. The Soviet army was still firmly entrenched in many parts of Slovakia and Czechoslovakia at that time. I was granted a license by the new government and also permission to set up a packet station at the university residence where my humble room was located. With the help of several students who were amateurs a packet station was installed. I was using a very basic laptop that booted DOS 3.3 from disk - a Radio Shack, dual 720Kb disk drives and a black and white LCD screen. With this modest station I connected into Budapest and from there to the rest of western Europe. It was a great time to experience democracy being embraced with open arms. I will have to find my Slovak radio license for those years. The first photo shows me inside a Soviet camp with three young Russian soldiers. Their camps were very run down and through my translator, they told me that they didn't know what they were still doing in Slovakia. This camp was on the border of Slovakia and Hungary in a village called Roznava. This was the summer of 1990.

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