Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Heat Wave – 35.2C (94.4F)

My outdoor temperature sensors (in the shade) are recording 35.2C at 1900z this afternoon. There’s barely a breeze but the humidity remains at about 50%. It feels like 40C according to the weather bureau. It is hot. It’s the second day of this heatwave. Late afternoon yesterday there was a localized cloudburst; about 5 minutes of cooling rain and I’m sure most of it evaporated quickly.

Toronto experienced a power blackout in part of the downtown for a few uncomfortable hours. I keep a supply of gas and keep the Honda i2000 gen set ready to go just in case. We lost internet service for 5 – 6 hours last evening – no reason given – it just went out with our provider, apparently right across the province. The weather gurus are predicting this weather for a few more days.

PropJuly6_2010_VE3MPG© The bands have been very quiet today including 20 meters. 10 and 6 had lots of activity yesterday but not a peep so far. I’m hanging out around 18.100 and 14.070 on psk modes today. The shack is at a comfortable 21C. I have a few projects on the go but haven’t touched anything  - the dog days seem to be here. Conditions might improve later this afternoon or evening.

I may set up the FT-817 on the picnic table later after dinner. The picnic area is about 350 feet away from the house in the very back of the property. The neighbours beef cattle often approach, from the other side of the fence, when I’m sitting back there. It’s nice and shaded, with canopies of old swamp oaks and a 70 year old elm providing respite from the heat.

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