Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Identifying An Old Key

© VE3MPG-1916_sm

I acquired this morse key about 25 years ago. A few years ago Bob VE3DUB (SK) made a nice oak base for it and put a knob on it. At that time he told me it was a very rare key. There are two marks on it – the initials GNW and 1795 – as seen below.

© VE3MPG-1912_sm© VE3MPG-1914_sm

© VE3MPG-1919_sm Not sure if any of my readers can identify it. I’ve spent a good deal of time on Google trying to datamine information about it.


Radio Telegraphy Net

J.H. Bunnell and Co. Telegraph Apparatus

Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)

Morsemad G0RDO

KT5X Morse Code Key Collection


Andy UU1CC said...

I never seen this key before, even nothing similar. Congratulations, it is real treasure!

Bob Baillargeon said...

Hi Andy, thanks for the comment about this key. I am still investigating trying to identify it. Thanks for reading my blog OM.

Andy UU1CC said...

I've asked Valery, UA3AO - he is an expert. Hope that he'll help a lot.

Bob Baillargeon said...

Thanks for your help Andy. Much appreciated!

Andy UU1CC said...

Well, I got the answer about this pretty key.

Valery writes that in 1880's The Western Union Telegraph Co of the U.S. sometimes used a "GNW" mark and that meant "Global NetWork".
"1795" is, exactly, L795 - model index.

That's all. So funny to know that our lovely internet is neither only, nor first Global Network in history :)

Anonymous said...

GNW is the Great NorthWestern Telegraph Company It was taken over by Western Union on the 1880's. In this case, the "great Northwest" refers to the the North West of Ontario. If memory is correct, the HQ of GNW was in Ottawa.I have a GNW telegraph register and relay but no key. Google Great NorthWestern Telegraph and you will get many hits---mainly legal proceedings but some company history. cheers, David.

david spence said...

Would you be willing to part with this key. I offer $500 US
Thank you, David.

Bob VE3MPG said...

I might David. How would you pay for it?

Bob VE3MPG said...

I might David. How would you pay for it?