Sunday, 7 January 2007

First Post

First blog, first post - something new, well not really. Posted my first web site way back in 1995 with a Windows NT 3.5 server and domain. Those were the heady experimental days of the web. During those first months of running a web server, you lived and breathed html - there were not a lot of tools to help create web sites.

Then there was the setting up of the first mail server during that period too. Netscape offered free mail server software at the time and it was easy to set up and maintain.

Connecting to the net in those days was via an ISDN dual channel modem. No DSL or cable modems in those days.

Well, it's 2007 and in twelve years a lot has changed. Here's my first blog, no html software to deal with - the blog interface does it all - not as nicely but the price and convenience is right.

This blog is about my two passions, amateur radio and digital photography. Both use the computer albeit in different ways. They're both used to communicate; one via the shortwave, VHF and UHF radio frequencies and the other uses visuals created with a computer built into a camera. Instead of film, a light sensitive matrix of transistors gathers the light and outputs the digital code to a memory card, then to a computer screen where it can be manipulated.

I've been a photographer longer than I've been a ham radio enthusiast. I started my career as a pro photographer in the early 70s publishing for various media here in Canada. In 1980 I was licensed as VE3MPG, my federally assigned call sign for use when communicating over radio to other amateurs, locally and worldwide.

My photography can be viewed at . On this site you can view a few of my early press pictures, old family pictures, holiday travels and other newly posted pictures from my collection.

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